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CONCEPTUAL THINKING - MOOD RESEARCH // Sandblast is a research based project around a technique called vitrification. In this process sand is heated until its melting point to neutralise our nuclear waste for a couple of hundred years. The research done around sand, our first raw material on Earth lead to an exploration of Australia (first exporter of sand) and their nuclear tests. The vitrification technique is used in Australia in the hope to neutralise the radioactivity from nuclear tests done more than 60 years ago. The first atomic bomb in July 1945 in New Mexico has been suggested by a group of geologists as a starting point for the Anthropocene Era. It is now established that nuclear tests and atomic bombs have fundamentally changed the composition of our soils and is a part of the Human geological layer. For this project small scaled plaster domes containing sand have been created then destroyed by fireworks or torch. The goal was to reproduce the vitrification process with everyday objects, getting to a point where sand is not sand anymore, reaching a point of no-return. You can find out more about Australian nuclear and uranium sites mood research// concept research// design thinking// critical design// //