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BOMPAS & PARR - HORNIMAN MUSEUM // This project is a proposal for an open call launched by Bompas and Parr in collaboration with the Horniman Museum and the London National Trust. How do you imagine London in 80 years? This visual proposal was realised in order to overlap a view of London thanks to an installation called a Diorama. This installation created by Bompas and Parr meant to highlight the importance of our landscapes and the urge to protect London views. This intriguing landscape pictures a planet that humans have been forced to leave due to self created pollution. The moon has been colonised and the sudden disappearance of human influence has left Earth to be reclaimed by a vigorous vegetation. The astonishing view of London remains barely visible due to toxic pollution clouds. In this Diorama you can see an extreme future London, where new forms of live will have emerged and evolved from the ecosystems presented in the Horniman Museum and Gardens. This fascinating yet disturbing view of London with its saturated colours and dark atmosphere, will start a dialogue around our impact on Earth and its ecosystems. Pauline envisioned a possible future where the world as we know it is destroyed. Presenting this piece alongside the Horniman Museum is pointing out the importance of studying future scenarios (much like a museum of the future) to help current species survive and evolve in the Anthropocene, the Human Era. Photoshop// Cinema 4D// Blender// Creative research//