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SPECULATIVE DESIGN // This project aims to forecast plant evolution in a polluted, post-human and post Anthropocene world. Human activities are critically endangering our natural ecosystems and biological way of life. Through this project, Pauline observes, understands and imagines how nature will react to a post-human existence. From the mass production of plastics to a potential nuclear war, this project aims to predict the most significant actions of humans in the future and the associated impact that such actions would have on the evolution of the living world around us. The project, much like an early evolutionary botanical study of plants, is meant as a way of communicating how plant species will adapt, survive and flourish in a future extreme environment. By a study of a dark future we could help plants survive with adapted modifications in the present. Pauline forecasts the evolution of plants based on their strongest features, what would be the most probable design of tomorrow's plants? The lack of nutrients due to polluted soils, the high levels of CO2 in the air, the extreme temperatures are only some of the criteria which are already affecting plants. If we've reached a point of no-return in our ways of changing Earth, what could we learn from studying the future? And with this knowledge how could we help species evolve and survive the Anthropocene. speculative design// concept research & development// design thinking// critical design// //